About us page for Aerotide Infrastructure Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
Aerotide Infrastructure Engineering Pvt. Ltd. are a hand-picked team of experienced consultants in the field of transportation sector especially traffic, highway and bridge engineering. The individual expertise of our team is combined through a dynamic multi-disciplined approach to produce industry leading planning techniques, outcomes and innovative approaches to delivering complex road infrastructure projects. We pride ourselves on adding value to all infrastructure projects. Our depth of experience and proven multi-discipline approach is our strength.

Aerotide is familiar with the most recent techniques in project planning, design, programming, management, and brings to its projects a staff with extensive prior experience in the implementation of such techniques on a diverse range of projects. Recent assignments executed by the Company have dealt with all key aspects of development—particularly those requiring a multi-disciplinary approach to the resolution of difficult, complex and challenging problems.
Our Core Disciplines

Our Core Disciplines

  • Highways and Structures
  • Traffic & Transportation Studies
  • Civil Infrastructure
  • Simulation & BIM Modeling Highways and Structures etc.,
core diciplines for Aerotide Infrastructure Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
In the Highway Sector, Aerotide provides total engineering consultancy services related to road and bridge projects. It has expertise in all kinds of terrain and environmental conditions for different types of roads to cater to varied traffic volume intensities and mixes. It is well equipped to carry out a variety of services, viz., pre-feasibility studies, feasibility studies, master transport planning, survey and investigation, traffic studies, detailed engineering, project management of highway and bridge/structure projects. Aerotide has an exclusive design cell for handling the design of all types of Highways and bridges. It is manned by highly qualified engineers equipped with the latest Computer Hardware and advanced design Software.

Aerotide strives for excellence in every assignment undertaken by introducing advanced and proven techniques to secure the best possible results. Aerotide has a dedicated team of professional staff with state-of-the-art knowledge of international standards. Aerotide with a deep commitment to quality, Client’s satisfaction and high standards of professionalism continuously endeavours to serve the cause of infrastructure development, after understanding our Client’s needs and meeting their expectations, on time and within the budget.

We pride ourselves in our ability to listen to clients and understand their needs. We have nurtured many successful partnerships to evolve effective infrastructure models. Consequently, most of our clients give us repeat assignments. We differentiate our services on the basis of timely delivery, cost efficient plans / designs and the quality of our service delivery.

Vision & Values

vision and values for Aerotide Infrastructure Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
To achieve sustainable development of transportation infrastructure by value engineering to minimise the environment impact of infrastructure project by effective utilisation of natural resources like earth, sand, aggregate, bitumen etc.

To promote reduction in the transportation infrastructure cost by using simple and basic principles resulting in better quality  of transportation infrastructure.

To provide innovative solutions to the clients for any infrastructure problem. 

Pledge: Our pledge is to provide an exceptional level of service in engineering, economic development and planning to our clients. We will do this while adhering to the highest standards of ethical and moral conduct in all aspects of our consulting practice.

Mission: Implementing quality assurance on all corporate activities and on projects undertaken on behalf of clients and meeting the needs of clients and community through technical excellence and innovation.
core values for Aerotide Infrastructure Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Core Values

Integrity: We will adhere to the highest standards of ethical and moral conduct in all aspects of our business. We will be guided by “The Golden Rule” in all our relationships internally and externally.

Excellence: The hallmark of job is our commitment to excellence and continuous improvement in all aspects of our work.
Creativity: We are all committed to finding creative and innovative solutions that are driven by results.

Respect: Our internal and external working relationships will be guided by mutual respect, cooperation, and selflessness. We will maintain honest and open communication and will foster a nurturing working environment.

Fairness: Compensation for our services will be market driven and determined in a manner that is equitable to both our clients and our employees.

Co-ordination with the site team to understand the project & construction requirement, getting the required information from site for the design purpose and provide the designs to suit the site requirements.

Identification & Planning of works on critical path, which is generally a small percentage of over all work. Planning of works on non critical path to flatten the resource requirements.